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About Us


At PowerWest Properties, our goal is simple: we want to leverage our years of experience in the real estate, accounting and legal industries for the benefit of all of our clients. Our team of talented, trained and passionate professionals offer prompt, professional and personal service for residential and commercial clients throughout California.

Our property owners experience real-time access to financial information regarding their properties, direct deposit of rent proceeds, affordable management fees, quality maintenance services, exceptional marketing, legal and tax services and more.

Our tenants experience easy online rental applications, accessible and responsive management staff, several convenient options to pay rent, options for low cost renter’s insurance and well maintained properties.

Whether an owner or tenant, residential or commercial, we value our clients. We value the relationships that we build and take pride in the service we provide.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to exceed our clients’ expectations in professionalism, service and performance and become the preferred property management company by commercial and residential owners and tenants throughout California.